Visual Arts Events Calendar
The calendar seems to always be packed full of art related events in the Berkshires. Many local museums host changing exhibitions year-round and galleries remain active even during the cold winter months. Our calendar features only visual arts events. If we’ve missed anything or if you are having an event you’d like to let us know about, please contact us.

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Saturday, July 1

Williams College Museum of Art
Gallery Talk: Highlights
Saturday, July 1 at 2:00 pm
Education Staff

Contemporary Artists Center
Jared Oder: Memorial Exhibition
Jared was an exemplary artist-in-residence whose charm and congeniality touched many around him. He brought a sense of freedom to his painting that continues to inspire his peers.
Reception : Saturday, July 1, 2006 7-9 pm

Sunday, July 2

Monday, July 3

Tuesday, July 4

Wednesday, July 5

Contemporary Artists Center
Wednesday, July 5, 2006 - 7:30 pm
Artist Talk: Adam Zaretsk

Thursday, July 6

Friday, July 7

Saturday, July 8

Williams College Museum of Art
Gallery Talk: Highlights
Saturday, July 8 at 2:00 pm
Education Staff

Sunday, July 9

Monday, July 10

Tuesday, July 11

Williams College Museum of Art
Gallery Talk on Jacqueline Humphries: New Work

Tuesday, July 11 at 2:00 pm
Curator Deborah Rothschild on Humphries and Jackson Pollock

Wednesday, July 12

Contemporary Artists Center
Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - 7:30 pm
Artist Talk: Jody Servon
Jody speaks about her work and upcoming show at the CAC "The inevitable occurred sooner than expected. I wasn't surprised, but I also wasn't prepared. Everyone tells me you are never really ready when it happens. So now all I can do is hang on."

Thursday, July 13

The Clark
Looking at Lunchtime: Jean-Baptiste Geuze's Portrait of General d'Oyre

Richard Rand, senior curator and curator of paintings and sculpture, will give a half-hour gallery talk about Jean-Baptiste Greuze's painting Portrait of General d'Oyre.
12:30 PM

The Clark
Lecture by Michael Conforti: "Art and Patronage: The Sterling and Stephen Clark Story"

The Clark's recent research in anticipation of its current exhibition, The Clark Brothers Collect: Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings, has shed new light on the Clark family, the brothers, their relationship and sibling rivalry, and their collecting.
July 13, 2006
7:00 PM

The Norman Rockwell Museum
The American West – Frederic Remington and the American Civil War: A Ghost Story

July 13, 2006 5:30pm
Join Alexander Nemerov, Ph.D., for a compelling gallery exploration of Frederic Remington and the American Civil War: A Ghost Story, a hallmark exhibition examining an overlooked but significant aspect of Frederic Remington's celebrated career – the great Western artist's ongoing engagement with the American Civil War. Dr. Nemerov will offer insights on the revolutionary thesis that inspired the development of an exhibition shedding new light on Remington's depictions of the West. Guest curator of the exhibition, Alexander Nemerov is a noted author and professor of art history at Yale University. His books include The Body of Raphaelle Peale: Still Life and Selfhood, 1812-1824, Frederic Remington and Turn-of-the-Century America, and Icons of Grief: Val Lewton's Home Front Pictures. Free with Museum admission.

Friday, July 14

The Norman Rockwell Museum
Community Connections: Model Citizens
July 14, 2006 2:30pm
Find out what it was like to pose for America's favorite illustrator from one of Norman Rockwell's own models. Free with museum admission.

Contemporary Artists Center
Jody Servon: Hanging On
: Friday, July 14, 2006 8:00pm
"Hanging On," Servon's multi-media installation, will involve sculptures, drawing, photography, wall painting and projected video. This multi-sensory experience will capture some of the pain and tribulations that can be felt through family tragedies. "The inevitable occurred sooner than expected. I wasn't surprised, but I also wasn't prepared. Everyone tells me you are never really ready when it happens. So now all I can do is hang on."

Idle Fleet
Artists John Umphlett and Anthony Cafritts will be making a site specific installation, collaborating in a conceptual investigation of space and density, exploring what is not seen but is felt in body and experienced in mind.
Reception : Friday, July 14, 2006 7-9 pm

Saturday, July 15

Williams College Museum of Art
Season Premiere Party
5:00–6:30 pm
Celebrate WCMA’s four new exhibitions
4:00 pm Artist Talk by Jacqueline Humphries
Gallery Talk: Highlights of Current Exhibitions 2:00 pm

The Clark
Stephen Clark Collects Van Gogh to Matisse

Sarah Lees, associate curator of European art, will give the second in a series of four lectures, in which Sterling and Stephen Clark's accomplishments as collectors come alive. Both men assembled impressive collections of both European and American art, and although they often purchased works by the same artists, the character of their collections differed significantly. Each of these four lectures will focus on one aspect of either Sterling or Stephen Clark's collections.
July 16, 2006
2:00 PM

Sunday, July 16

Monday, July 17

Tuesday, July 18

Williams College Museum of Art
Gallery Talk on
Rhoda Holmes Nicholls
Tuesday, July 18 at 2:00 pm
Curator Nancy Mowll Mathews on Nicholls, women artists, and watercolors

Kevin Sprague lecture, Tuesday July 18th 7:00 pm
Kevin Sprague will show and discuss his work on current projects including his development project "Muse", a completely photographic novel incorporating over 100 composite images created from his archives of thousands of images. Kevin will demonstrate some of the techniques he uses to create his images and discuss how the revolution in digital imaging is transforming the way that we relate to photographs, storytelling and memory. For over a decade Kevin Sprague has been creating photographs and composing images for commercial and institutional clients. Kevin’s images can be seen across media in collateral materials, posters, web sites, fine art collections, magazines and book covers. He is the recipient of numerous regional and national awards for imaging and design.

Wednesday, July 19

Contemporary Artists Center
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - 7:30 pm
Artist Talk: Mark Mulherrin
Mark Mulherrin explains how the guitar may very well be a key to understanding the universe. His concurrent MCLA Gallery 51 exhibition, ''The Pythagoras Project' is an investigation and celebration of the Pythagorean ideal using the guitar as a motif and metaphor for ideas about culture, science, music and art history

Thursday, July 20

The Clark
Art Buzz
Take some time at the end of the day to "buzz" with friends and collegues at the Clark. Start off the evening with light refreshments and a cash bar as you network and catch up. Then, let the game begin as Clark curators  improvise a one-minute talk on objects selected by you. If they pause, repeat themselves, or stray off subject, they will be "buzzed" and another curator will take their turn. This light-hearted evening is co-organized by the Berkshire Young Professionals.
July 20, 2006
5:30 PM

Friday, July 21

Saturday, July 22

Williams College Museum of Art
Gallery Talk: Highlights of Current Exhibitions
Saturday, July 22 at 2:00 pm
Education Staff

The Norman Rockwell Museum
Lecture and Demonstration: Casting Bronze

July 22, 2006 2:00pm
Frederic Remington's Bronco Buster, on view in our galleries, is among the artist's most iconic works. Renowned sculptor Andrew DeVries will join us to demonstrate the age old process of bronze casting, from mold-making to the pouring and hardening of molten metal. A sculptor specializing in bronze for more than 25 years, Andrew DeVries seeks to create symbols that inspire and convey meaning in the modern world. This special demonstration will be held outside. Please call to confirm in the case of inclement weather.
Free with Museum admission

Sunday, July 23

Monday, July 24

Tuesday, July 25
Contemporary Artists Center
Wednesday, July 25, 2006 - 7:30 pm
Artist Talk: John Umphlett and Anthony Cafritts
Umphlett and Cafritts talk about their collaboration on the CAC exhibition, Idle Fleet, a conceptual investigation of space and density, exploring what is not seen but is felt in body and experienced in mind.

Wednesday, July 26

Thursday, July 27

The Norman Rockwell Museum
The American West – American Civil War Photography: A Stereoscopic Experience

July 27, 2006 5:30pm
During the American Civil War, the new and rapidly developing technology of photography made detailed pictures of the conflict accessible to mass audiences - inspiring impassioned reactions nationwide. Join Civil War historian, Bob Zeller, for a fascinating look at the photographic history of the period. Most Civil War photographs were taken in 3-D and viewed by many Americans viewed in stereoscopic form. With the help of 3-D glasses, we'll enter into stirring battlefield portrayals and some of most famous photographic tableaus of the era. Bob Zeller is the author of The Civil War in Depth, Volume One and Volume Two. Free with Museum admission.

Friday, July 28

The Norman Rockwell Museum
Linwood Living History: Meet Mr. Butler

July 28, 2006 2:30pm
Spend some time getting to know Charles Butler, New York City attorney and owner of Linwood House, a gracious Berkshire Cottage overlooking the Housatonic River. Mr. Butler will greet you in the library, where he will share stories of his life and times. Participants are invited to join him for refreshments in the courtyard after the program, which brings the owner of this 1859 home to life.
Free with Museum admission.

Saturday, July 29

Williams College Museum of Art
Gallery Talk: Highlights of Current Exhibitions
Saturday, July 29 at 2:00 pm
Education Staff

Sunday, July 30

The Clark
Brothers Lawn Party Family Day
Celebrate the exhibition The Clark Brothers Collect: Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings from the Collections of Sterling and Stephen Clark with family-inspired activities for all ages including art projects, family portraits, outdoor games, a "Collecting Clarks" antiques appraisal tent, and much more indoors and out.
July 30, 2006
11:00 AM

Monday, July 31

Major Ongoing Exhibitions

Ahistoric Occasion: Artists Making History
Through March 2007
North Adams, MA
At a time when the very idea of history seems under siege - by governments grown forgetful, by media which assaults already shortened attention spans with ever tighter news cycles, and by historians themselves, who are provocatively re-interpreting long held truths - artists are exploiting the material of history to shape and give new meaning to the present. Ahistoric Occasion spotlights the growing interest in historic reenactment and revision in contemporary art.
House of Oracles: A Huang Yong Ping Retrospective
Through February 2007

North Adams, MA
Born in China and living in France, Huang Yong Ping has a clear view of the rapidly changing lines that demarcate East from West, tradition from modernity. House of Oracles, the first-ever retrospective of his work, opened March 18 at MASS MoCA (the exhibition's only East coast venue). The exhibition muses on history, cultural identity, and globalization through 40 surprising - and sometimes jaw dropping - works ranging from a gladiatorial arena for insects to a 20-ton sand castle to a full-size airplane fuselage.
Kamrooz Aram: Realms and Reveries
January 14, 2006 -- July 30

North Adams, MA
New York-based artist Kamrooz Aram creates iridescent, exuberant works that present complex views of our current visual landscape. Aram draws from an assortment of design motifs, ranging from Persian carpet patterns to early Nintendo video game graphics. Creating highly stylized landscapes that complicate the conventional definitions of binary terms such as East and West, Aram uses traditional icons, spectacular light effects, and remnants of digital culture with stunning results. The exhibition includes Aram's recent paintings, delicately rendered drawings and a MASS MoCA-commissioned wall drawing, located in the second-floor mezzanine of the Hunter Center for Performing Arts.
Carsten Hoeller: Amusement Park
Through October 2006

North Adams, MA
Creating a vast, surreal landscape of radically altered carnival midway rides, Carsten Höller explores human perception, sensory experience, pacing, balance and time with his large-scale installation. Amusement park rides familiar from childhood - the dizzying Gravitron, bumper bars, Twister and others - are installed in MASS MoCA's massive Building 5 space but with light, sound, and movement dramatically slowed. Hoeller tampers with the velocity of the rides, the pattern of the lights, and the volume and speed of the music to unsettle the viewer's mind, just as conventional amusement parks unsettle the body through radical changes in gravity, direction, and bodily orientation.
The Clark: Celebrating 50 Years of Art in Nature
May 17, 2005 - September 4
Clark Art Institute

Williamstown, MA
The Clark: Celebrating 50 Years of Art in Nature is a special installation devoted to the Clark's history and future, featuring never-before-seen photographs and archival material that will give new insight into Sterling and Francine Clark and the Clark family and about the founding of this remarkable institution. The installation documents the growth of the Clark over the past five decades and explores the exciting future as evidenced by our forthcoming expansion designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando.
Delacroix and the Horse
June 24, 2006 - September 17
Clark Art Institute

Williamstown, MA
The Clark recently acquired a lively oil painting by the great French Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863). Two Horses Fighting in a Stormy Landscape was painted in the late 1820s at the time Delcroix was gaining fame as one the most brilliant and audacious painters of his generation. For Delacroix and his contemporaries wild horses represented force and instinct as opposed to civilization and rationality. The excitement of the scene is perfectly expressed in Delacroix's virtuosic handling of the brush and the rich colors. This new acquisition will be displayed alongside a selection of drawings and prints of horses by Delacroix, Degas, and other nineteenth-century French artists.
The Clark Brothers Collect :
Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings

June 4, 2006 - September 4
Clark Art Institute

Williamstown, MA
Stephen and Sterling Clark amassed two of the most important art collections of the twentieth century, greatly developing America's taste for Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and early modern painting. While they shared a love for great art, the brothers' preferences and collecting habits varied considerably. Sterling was an astute self-taught private collector, whose French Impressionist and nineteenth-century American masterpieces would form the core collection of the art museum and center for research and higher education that bears his and his wife's names. Stephen, an influential businessman and museum trustee, acquired landmark modern works by such masters as Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso, and Hopper, donating many of them to the public institutions with which he was affiliated.
Jackson Pollock at Williams College
April 14 - October 1
Williams College Museum of Art

Williamstown, MA
Jackson Pollock at Williams College is a unique opportunity to see three of Pollock's famous “drip” paintings in the Berkshires. These works are extremely fragile, due to the materials with which they were painted, and rarely travel. The exhibition features Number 2, 1949, which was treated last month at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center. Number 2, 1949 is being displayed on a specially designed free-standing plinth. The backing of Number 2, 1949 has been removed so that visitors can literally “see” beneath the surface of this monumental, sixteen-foot painting. This is the first time in history one of Pollock’s paintings has been displayed in this revealing way.
Seven Sisters: New Work by Jacqueline Humphries
June 3 - October 29
Williams College Museum of Art

Williamstown, MA
Jacqueline Humphries is a New York-based artist working in the language of rich color and gestural form. In this new, site-specific installation at WCMA, Humphries’s eight-foot paintings create a total environment within the gallery walls.  The luminous and reflective qualities of the silver pigment make these works at once visually bold and subtly open-ended; as the lighting conditions and the position of the viewer shift within the gallery, the paintings reveal their full range of depth, color, and form.  This experience of the dynamic interplay of materials and light brings to mind the very questions about painting and vision that, in part, led the artist to create these works.
Bug Out of the Box: Contemporary Art, Science, and History of Bugs
July 8-October 29, 2006
The Berkshire Museum

Pittsfield, MA
Collected insects are usually seen pinned in tidy rows inside boxes. What happens when you take bugs “out of the box?” Works of art by nationally recognized and emerging artists, as well as natural science specimens and historic artifacts, challenge your perceptions of insects and spiders. Works range from the tiny eight-inch drawing Cocoon by Hillevi Baar to an eight-foot metal praying mantis by sculptor Don Jones. Louise Bourgeois’s spiders are featured in major museums worldwide. Greg Edmondson paints moths and butterflies into the patterns of vintage wallpaper. Catherine Chalmers photographs roaches in human settings and explores the cycle of life and death. Jennifer Angus creates room installations that fool the eye with “wallpaper” made entirely from exoskeletons of bugs.
Frederic Remington and the American Civil War: A Ghost Story
Ongoing through October 29, 2005
The Norman Rockwell Museum
Stockbridge, MA
At the dawn of the American Century, an Eastern artist best known for his illustrations in the periodicals of the day defined national values through his romanticized images of the cowboy on the American frontier. Frederic Remington created powerful images that were accepted as the distillation of the best of the American character, conveying a sense of strong individualism and identity embraced by President Theodore Roosevelt and millions of readers who encountered his art in the popular press.

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