Thursday June 25, 6-9pm


Early Openings:

4 – 5pm

Mountain One Bank Gallery – 93 Main Street

G_Rothko_In_London_square Debi Pendell, Semiotic

Debi Pendell’s collages incorporate Acrylic painting, drawing, mixed media and the use of gels to create rich layered worlds which investigate semiotics, language, and meaning based in the format of landscape painting.  The works presented in Semiotic use Pendell’s lexicon – brushstrokes, marks, scrapings, drips, and motifs – as investigations concentrating on abstract elements of recognizable shapes and characters in combination with materials and processes.  Actual space and the illusion of space are explored; created and thwarted. Viewers successfully combine the disparate imagery and find meaning in the gestalt of the combination. 


5 – 6pm

Adams Savings Bank Gallery

William Beattie, Pastel Landscapes



Exhibition Openings:

C Gallery – 33 Main Street

Exhibition Opening featuring Josh Field, Chris Page & Karl Frederick


Joshua Field, Into This Valley of Hands

Field will exhibit a range of work created during his time living in the Berkshires, highlighting those that drew inspiration from the mountains, the architecture and the history of this region, which he described as “a constant thread that is woven through the work.”


Chris Page, SkyWalk

 A collection of paintings and photographic sequences depicting several different views of clouds and skylines. He describes his work as “based on observation of nature and natural processes. The dynamic field of the sky and the act of witnessing it over a walk of a defined duration constitutes the primary work of art. Photographs taken during the walk and paintings created in the studio reflect that experience.


Karl Frederick, Feverland

Feverland is an installation he created using a Kodak Ektaphraphic III slide projector, displaying 35mm slides found in an abandoned house. According to Frederick, these found 35mm slides create a metaphor for how easily a memory can become distorted, fragmented, or even destroyed over long periods of time and neglect.


PRESS Gallery – 49 Main Street



“Manifestos” takes the art manifesto further by exploring how typography and text become the image in the form of declarative statements. The exhibit showcases some of the best letterpress printed manifestos from print shops across the United States and England including: A Revolutionary Press, Angel Bomb, New Lights Press, Harrington and Squires, printer Isaac Wood and Holstee. It will also feature the PRESS manifesto, designed especially for this exhibit.




MCLA Gallery 51 – 51 Main Street


Valerie Hird, Origin of Birds

Many of the works in “Origin of Birds” are freestanding or horizontal scrolls created with watercolor, gold leaf, oil paint, rug yarn, and Afghani amulets. Hird uses patterns and labyrinth motifs to make the connection between natural beings and processes, with a repeating theme of the elements: sky, sea, earth and fire.

Primarily working in oil and watercolor, Hird, a native of Vermont, is deeply influenced by her travels to the Middle East and Central Asia. She explained that her work is rooted in multiple cultures. The nomadic icons she uses are filtered through her own cultural roots to create a transcultural and transnational hybrid that she hopes reject a simple binary East/West interpretation.




Neck of the Woods Gallery – 87 Main Street


CONVERGENCE is an exhibition showcasing a collection of work from thirteen artists in MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists program, and celebrating the convergence of new and established artists in North Adams’ creative community. These artists work in a variety of disciplines including performance, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and functional art.  Investigating where organic form meets modernism, where human intervention meets nature, and where function meets decoration, the artists of CONVERGENCE explore creation through intersection.




Common Place Gallery – 87 Main Street


Stained & Blown, a group exhibition of regional Glass Artists curated by Common Folk Artist Collective. Featuring work from the following artists:

-        Jill Reynolds of Cheshire Glassworks- Jewelry and other blown glass

-        Jen Violette Glass- Sculptures, pitchers, and vases (blown glass)

-        Dominique Caissie & Jocelyn Brown of Terrapin Glassblowing Studio and Jbfineart - Vases (blown glass)

-        Josh Simpson: Contemporary Glass- Megaplanets (blown glass orbs)

-        Richard Shepard- Suncatchers (stained glass)

-        Mary Angus- Perfume bottles (blown glass)

-        Teen Summit Glass Workshop Participants- Recycled glass artwork




Ferrin Contemporary & Cynthia-Reeves – 1315 MASS MoCA Way

FERRIN CONTEMPORARY and CYNTHIA-REEVES present eclectic exhibitions, curatorial projects, and programs featuring emerging and established artists.


Glazed & Diffused is a survey exhibition focused on a select group of international artists chosen for their use of fired clay and glaze pigment to convey abstract content featuring: Raymon Elozua, Peter Christian Johnson, Jun Kaneko, Jae Yong Kim, Steven Young Lee, Lauren Mabry, Sara Moorhouse, Ron Nagle, George Ohr, Peter Pincus, Robert Silverman, Linda Sormin, Toshiko Takaezu, and Beatrice Wood


Collograph Constructions by Sarah Amos, a master printmaker from Australia whose award-winning work is garnering critical attention from both international curators and collectors, opens Collograph Constructions, a show of radical new works on felt.




Berkshire Artist Museum:

berkshire artist museum

“That ‘70s Show” presents a retrospective look at the 1970s through the lens of Berkshire artists. The exhibit will offer visitors a panorama of that transitional decade which brought America out of Modernism and into Postmodernism. That ‘70s Show includes word-dependent conceptual pieces; geometric abstractions; photorealism; documented performance art, and various styles of figuration.



Accordion Party! 


Martha Flood Design Studio and Fabric Gallery

Martha FloodMartha is celebrating her 5th year Anniversary in her Eagle Street Studio by introducing the Roland Digital Accordion and playing a little music! When she’s not practicing the accordion, Martha designs and produces “The Woodlands Collection”, custom manufactured fabrics inspired by natural textures and patterns encountered in the New England landscape.




Freeman’s Grove Benevolent Society – Downtown Edition – 109 Main Street

FGBSThe second installment of Freeman’s Grove Benevolent Society (FGBS) by Michael Chapman.

As Chapman describes “A vignette wherein Taxidermy the Taxidermist has been spending countless hours at the Freeman’s Grove Benevolent Society, slaving away on his greatest masterpiece — Cari Boo! With only his rug Bear Fleur as a companion, Taxidermy may be going insane. He is preparing for his biggest reveal yet… as the masses descend upon North Adams from far and wide, they will remember nothing other than the majesty of Cari Boo”.



Liminal Chimes – Hoosac Park at the Corner of Main & Ashland

IMG_0134 (1)

Cormier’s installation celebrates the liminal space that exists between art and nature, between fantasy and reality, and between the responsibilities of our daily live and the lure of a life on the trail. Created by Artist Peter Cormier with ceramic leaves were crafted by Derek SooHoos.



Let’s all Make Stuff!

Participatory Art Projects & Activities 


ReVision – Eagle Street


A participatory public art project unveiling on June 25and open throughout the DSA Season. ReVision invites residents and visitors to share their vision of a future North Adams, being as practical or ambitious as they so chose. Responses will be documented throughout the summer, shared via social media, and presented to the City of North Adams.



Makers Mill – 73 Main Street

Pop inside to check out the studio and mingle with other makers. Learn how you can join North Adams new makerspace.

 Makers Mill

Bombs away – Stop by and participate in Makers Mill’s first yarn bombing project. We’ll be taking over the tree outside 73 Main.

Relief Monoprinting Demonstration with Karin Stack. Take your postcard home and mail it to someone special.



Tabling – Each month DownStreet Art invites our neighbors to share information about their programs and events.


At our June 25th Kickoff, stop by to see our friends at:


Clark Art Institute

Hoosic River Revival

Art About Town




Music on Main Street:

For June, we’re closing the South Side of Main Street and we’ll be #getting down all night long.


6:45pm – Belle Machine

Bell Machine

Brattleboro, VT based indie-rock band Belle Machine will be kicking things off on the Main Stage (Holden at Main Street).

Belle Machine is: Kat Whitledge-Voice, Percussion, Gabe MacFarland-Guitars, Voice, Ben Ratheau-Bass, Keys, Voice &
Aaron Chesley Drums, Keys, Voice


8:00pm – Fantastic Negrito

NPR Tiny Desk Contest Concert Winner Fantastic Negrito is the incarnation of a musician who is reborn after going through a lot of awful shit. In fact, the name Fantastic Negrito represents his third rebirth, literally coming back from death this time. The narrative on this man is as important as the sound, because the narrative is the sound. Songs born from a long hard life channeled through black roots music. Slide guitar, drums, piano. Urgent, desperate, edgy. Fantastic Negrito is the story of a man who struggled to “make it”, who “got it”, and who lost it all. For anyone who ever felt like it was over yet hoped it wasn’t, this is your music; blues harnessed, forged in realness. For anyone who ever considered getting their old high-school band back together, this is your inspiration. These are singular songs by a true musician who writes and produces. They are his fuel as he embarks on the third comeback of his life.



AFTER Party hosted by Common Folk Artist Collective (9pm – 11pm)

In front of the Berkshire Bank
Music from Luke Tobin and Smash Frequency (Elixer & Dj Iamsam)