DownStreet Art Thursday September 24, 5-9pm

DownStreet Art is a program of MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center


New Exhibitions

Mountain One Bank Gallery, 93 Main Street

Kay Canavino, The Cuba series

In 2001, Canavino had the good fortune to be able to attend a Maine Photographic Workshop in Cuba, which allowed her to enter Cuba legally and tour the island for 3 weeks. Canavino says of the experience: This Cuba series is a result of that eye-opening trip where I took images of people, architecture and landscape. I have photographed all over the world but never have I met people so open and welcoming to camera-carrying visitors. I was invited into the homes of complete strangers who were happy to let me photograph anything and anyone. They were eager to talk about their families, baseball, and the difficulty the embargo imposed on their lives. The opening of Cuba to US citizens is sure to bring about change. One thing I hope that doesn’t change is the warmth, generosity, and resiliency of the Cuban people.

Adams Community Bank Gallery, 31 Eagle Street

Ann Floriani, Nightscapes/Night Skies 5 – 6 PM

Adams Community Bank Gallery will feature the work of An Floriani with an opening reception from 5 to 6 p.m. For this exhibition Berkshire photographer Ann Floriani turns her lens to the night sky, capturing dramatic views of the landscape at night.

One Night Only!

 Bridgman | Packer Dance, TRUCK 7-9 p.m., Corner of Holden & Main Street

In partnership with MCLA Presents!, four, approximately 20 minute long, performances of TRUCK will take place between 7:00-9:00 p.m. TRUCK, performed inside a 17-foot U-Haul truck, brings performance to nontraditional and unexpected locations.

Through Bridgman | Packer’s ( signature integration of live performance and video technology, an ordinary box truck evolves from the utilitarian into a reimagined space, a micro-world of visions and transformation. Space is limited, reserve your ticket now.

Squirrel Lady 6 – 8 p.m.

Find Squirrel Lady in a pocket park, roaming the streets looking for crumbs or hang out with her fellow squirrels. As a character, she invites the audience to consider the environmental and social justice ramifications of our layers of disconnect.

Izzy Heltai 6:30 p.m., Under the Mohawk Marquee

Folk singer/songwriter Izzy Heltai  kicks off a night of music under the Mohawk Marquee. He’s the kind of musician who plays his songs with casual, skillful strength—songs that will get stuck in your heart. Heltai, an MCLA student who hails from Brookline, Mass., signed to Sounds and Tones in August.

8 Foot River 7:30 p.m., Under the Mohawk Marquee

Alternative indie band, 8 Foot River blends acoustic and electric instrumentation in songs ranging from hard rock to sweetly melodic indie pop. Songwriters Glenn Geiger (voice and guitars) and Steve Dietemann (bass) started collaborating in 2009. After adding Al Bauman on drums and Steve Elling on guitar, the four-piece group began constructing a set of original music as 8 Foot River, playing clubs and coffee houses in and around Western Massachusetts. 8 Foot River’s first full-length album, titled Neighbors, was released in November 2013. From the opening notes of the first track, “Heavy,” with Geiger’s vocals setting a relaxed, easy tone, to the soaring coda of the final song, “Up to Me,” the album carries the listener on a seamless, powerful emotional journey from calm, to frustration and heartache, and finally, in the fading outro, to catharsis and peace.

eat me alive so I may see you from the inside performance screening & magazine launch

MCLA Gallery 51 6 p.m., 51 Main St.

Torsten Zenas Burns presents a special one-night looped video program. The program will include a selection of video, film, animation, and internet pieces that relate to the current show by artists, Burns, Maggie Nowinski, and Alicia Renadette. The three artists have also been collaborating on a new artist book that will be unveiled at the event.

the exPRESS celebration

PRESS Gallery remarks at 6:30p.m., 49 Main Street

Be sure to come by around 6:30 p.m. for our thank you’s and remarks. The September celebration will focus on PRESS’s upcoming transition to “exPRESS,” a collaborative storefront space, home to Williamstown Film Festival’s Wind-Up Fest, IS183 Art Education Space, MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center, and the latest PRESS initiative, PRESS on the MOVE.

** Closing Receptions 6-9 p.m. **

don’t miss these great exhibitions!

C Gallery, 33 Main Street

Julian Grey, Persona

Persona combines images from two recent series of self-portraits “Voyeurisme” and “Curb Appeal.” In Voyeurisme, Grey utilizes black and white photography and film noir lighting to express themes of gender and sensuality from a non-binary subject. In “Curb Appeal,” Grey’s richly colored self-portraits use the City of North Adams as a backdrop. Bringing her expressions of non-binary gender from the more intimate interior settings of Voyerisme to the streets so to speak.

Chung Chak, the boxes

Chung Chak’s photomontages connect unrelated persons, events, and environments. Exploring how different levels of meanings can be expressed through complex image layers is an important aspect of the work. Photographic metaphors carry hidden meanings.

Zac Pritchard, Oddities

Zac Pritchard’s sculptural works explore humor, loss, death, loneliness and attraction with paper mache, plaster, paints and metals to create human size forms reminiscent of bodies and appendages.

Coded Images: Imagined Codes

Neck of the Woods Gallery 87 Main Street

20th century linguist Kenneth Burke, who identified the two parts of any depiction as the depicted and the depiction. Burke identifies four main tropes – Metaphor, Synecdoche, Metonymy and Irony. The exhibition includes the work of four ceramic artists – Alex Kraft, Sara McNutt, Carly Costello and Anthony Merino – all of whom align with one of these tropes.

Community HeARTS – Home is where the HeArt is

Common Place Gallery 87 Main Street

Come celebrate and get creative with us! This month we will be featuring projects from groups that we collaborated with: “NAMAzing People of North Adams, “The NAMAzing Initiative – “Exploring the ArtDoors,” UNiTY Youth Development – “Story Dragon,” MASS MoCA’s Teen Art Summit

Berkshire Artist Museum 159 East Main St.

Berkshire Artist Museum will have its closing summer reception Thursday, September 24. Exhibits include “That 70’s Show,” “Then and Now,” two group shows in the Fresh Paint and BerkshireClassics galleries, and selections from the permanent collection.

** Continuing Exhibitions  **

open late for DownStreet Art!

eat me alive so I may see you from the inside

MCLA Gallery 51 51 Main Street

The exhibition will focus on ideas of consumption and toxicity, both internally and externally. Maggie Nowinski, primarily working in installation and drawing mediums, will be showing drawings from her ongoing project Antipyretic Abductions. Sculpture and installation artist Alicia Renadette  describes herself as “an uneasy interloper exploring middle-class America”. Torsten Zenas Burns will be showing photography and video pieces exploring the development of his characters’ mythologies.

Ghetto Garniture: Wu Tang Worcester

1315 MASS MoCA Way 6 – 8 PM

In this solo installation, Roberto Lugo explores eclecticism and culture by juxtaposing street graffiti, European decorative patterning, and rich symbolism drawn from his Puerto Rican heritage. He creates a hybrid of visual art traditions and stimulates new conversations around cultural tolerance. The show features Lugo’s work created during his artist residency at Project Art in Cummington, Massachusetts.

Steven Siegel Cynthia-Reeves 1315 MASS MoCA Way 6 – 8 PM

“As with most of Steven Siegel’s work, an environmental critique is implicit — in Biographythe litter of consumerism composes the look of our world. But the piece is complicated by its composition. Materials like plastic and polyester are mixed with beads and yarn, bound into brilliantly colored bunches and laced into a chaotic harmony. Much like Jackson Pollock, who organized a shambolic mess of paint into symphonies of color and texture, Siegel commands the detritus of our culture into a frantic rhythm, nailing contemporary anxieties about the environment to the wall. Siegel may image our world out of rubbish, but the result is ravishing, glittering, and glistening in all its synthetic, inorganic wonder.” — Allese Thomson Baker, Artforum, 2011

The Woodlands Collection, Open Studio Martha Flood Design Studio and Fabric Gallery

Working space and gallery by local artist, Martha Flood who designs and produces The Woodlands Collection, custom manufactured fabrics inspired by natural textures and patterns we encounter in the New England landscape. The nontraditional images are examples of cutting edge pattern design and advanced digital fabric printing technologies. 2013 Yankee Magazine Best of New England, Editor’s Choice Winner.

** Installations **

Day & Night, Jade Hoyer & Meg Erlewine Temporary Mural, Main Street Alley

Day and Night, a temporary public art piece, aims to visually and physically re-activate North Adams’ vacant spaces. Imagery depicting active urban spaces features glow-in-the-dark inks and is attached with wheat paste onto empty buildings. Day and Night will invigorate North Adam’s empty spaces at all hours. Jade Hoyer a printmaking artist and Meg Erlewine a graphic designer are both current Tennessee residents. Day and Night is a collaborative project that speaks to the activating potential of art and the resiliency of the North Adams community.

Wall Drawings, Jarvis Rockwell

Gallery 107, 107 Main Street

Rockwell will once again be on hand to show his works-in-progress. “Wall Drawings” include miniature toy figures as well as hand drawn illustrations. Rockwell uses miniature figurines as “smaller distortions” of human beings. He juxtaposes three-dimensional sculptures with two-dimensional drawings to create a realm that is in-between reality and fantasy – his interpretation of a transitional between life and death. He explains that “death is the sloughing off of the three dimensional.” Rockwell hopes to provoke his viewers to question the place where our souls go after death.

Freeman’s Grove Benevolent Society

Downtown Edition 109 Main Street

The second installment of Freeman’s Grove Benevolent Society (FGBS) by Michael Chapman. As Chapman describes “A vignette wherein Taxidermy the Taxidermist has been spending countless hours at the Freeman’s Grove Benevolent Society, slaving away on his greatest masterpiece — Cari Boo! With only his rug Bear Fleur as a companion, Taxidermy may be going insane. He is preparing for his biggest reveal yet… as the masses descend upon North Adams from far and wide, they will remember nothing other than the majesty of Cari Boo”.

Liminal Chimes, Pete Cormier

Hoosac Park at the corner of Main and Ashland Streets

Pete Cormier’s installation celebrates the liminal space that exists between art and nature, between fantasy and reality, and between the responsibilities of our daily live and the lure of a life on the trail. With ceramic leaves created by collaborator Derek SooHoo.

** Participatory Art Projects **

your chance to make stuff!

ReVision 34-36 Eagle Street

ReVision, a participatory Chalkboard Art Project, continues to elicit responses from the North Adams community. Encouraging participants to share their vision for a future North Adams through four written prompts on each of the four chalkboards installed on Eagle Street. Responses are documented and shared via Facebook, and a blog created for this project at www.revisionnorthadams.tumblr.com.

Makers Mill 73 Main Street

Come by Makers’ Mill to custom screen print your own Downstreet art themed tote bags for just $10. Learn how you can join North Adams new makerspace.