DownStreet Art VI: June 20th – October 31st 

Join us for the DownStreet Art Season Kickoff Celebration on June 20th, 2013 and mark your calendars for the last Thursday of every month as DSA Thursdays will continue all summer long into October 31st with exhibitions and art happenings! 

The DSA Green numbers signify the order of the Galleries on the DSA map. The Blue numbers signify public art.



87 Marshall Street
Open daily 11am-5pm
Closed Tuesdays

MASS MoCA seeks to catalyze and support the creation of new art, exposure our visitors and bold visual an performing art in all stages of production, and re-invigorate the life of a region in socioeconomic need. MASS MoCA exhibits works by many of the most important artists of today -both well known, and emerging- focusing on large-scale and complex installations that are impossible to realize in conventional museums.


MASS MoCA’s galleries are open 11am to 5pm every day except Tuesdays. In July and August, MASS MoCA’s galleries are open 10am to 6pm every day. Gallery admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students, $5 for children 6–16, and free for children 5 and under. Members are admitted free year-round. For additional information, call 413-662-2111 or visit

2. Kidspace @ MASS MoCA

87 Marshall Street
Open daily 11am-6pm

         FREEDOM: Just Another Word For…

Kidspace @ MASS MoCA Exhibition Open through May 26, 2014 (North Adams, MA) FREEDOM: Just Another Word For… is Kidspace @ MASS MoCA’s contribution to this year’s three-museum project Words & Images. The exhibition is a visual exploration of how words and art can have multiple meanings. Freedom opens June 15, 2013 and will be on view through May 2014. It includes work by Xu Bing, Long-Bin Chen, Gonkar Gyatso, Ran Hwang, Ang Tsherin Sherpa, and Roger Shimomura, and features opportunities for children to develop their own interpretations and words to describe the work on view.

The Kidspace @ MASS MoCA exhibition will begin with a focus on the word FREEDOM. It will examine the artists’ work illustrating both the path to freedom and limitations placed on it. The artists have incorporated into their work their backgrounds and personal experiences, as well as their interpretations of symbols from popular culture and symbols in written form.

3. NAACO Gallery

33 Main Street Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10 am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

The North Adams Artists’ Co-Operative Gallery, otherwise known as the NAACO Gallery, is an independently member-run organization of over 35 active and talented, primarily regional, artists exhibiting contemporary fine art and craft.

Exhibit open June 20 - August 25

“Playing with Nature: The Paintings of Sharon Carson and Ceramics of Stephen Fabrico”

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 20th, 6-9 pm

Sharon Carson will present a collection of new oil paintings which are based on the Berkshire landscape…focusing on the colors, rhythms and shapes found in nature, emphasizing personal creativity over realism. Stephen Fabrico complements Carson’s paintings with an array of sculptural and functional ceramic work, incised with textural botanical motifs.


   4. PRESS


49 Main Street
Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Letterpress as a Public Art Project.

Melanie Mowinski, assistant professor of visual art at MCLA and proprietress of PRESS, will be operating the Vandercook Universal III. The space is a gallery and a workshop in downtown North Adams.

July 25/ August 25 – Liminality: Prints and Artist Books that mark the space between having departed but not yet arrived. Featuring the work of Valerie Carrigan.

August 29/ September 22 - The Politics of _________ : Printed works that invite the viewer into conversation and debate.

September 26/ October 27 – Markings: Marks and mark-making in printmaking: work created at PRESS.

October 31 – Datum Chronicle: Which is more beautiful,the documentation of an event or the event itself? You decide. Featuring the work of Tara O’Brien -

December 5 – FRESHExplorations in prints and artist books by MCLA students and others.

For more information on Press Gallery visit:


5. MCLA Gallery 51


51 Main Street
Open daily 10 am-6 pm

MCLA Gallery 51, run by the Massachusetts College of            Liberal Arts since 2005, presents work from a wide range of       emerging and mid-career contemporary artists.

Rotating exhibitions:

July 25/ August 25 - Ibrahim Quraishi

An artist who works with different mediums like photography, photo painting, video, film, installation, performance, dance and theatre. His primary interest is the exploration of understanding visual performativity and its relationship to the broader cultural perspectives and their schisms. His approach to the world is that of a traveler.

August 29/ September 22 - A Marriage: 1(Suburbia) 

With installations that incorporate sculpture, performance art, video, theater, and drawing, artists Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin utilize their own marriage, “tropes of masculinity, images of utopic suburbia and the model of the nuclear family to explore our deep ambivalence towards the traditionally heteronormative set of aspirations that make up the American Dream.”

September 26/ October 27 - Eliza Barrios      

Eliza’s work explores and questions the various tangible and intangible elements that ‘make up’ a person – their subjectivity, their motivations – their ‘internal belief system.’ Her pieces act as a catalyst for self reflection, both metaphorically and literally. Through the use of various visual devices she orchestrates subtle environments/encounters that subliminally navigate the viewer to question their own perceptions of beliefs with regard to cultural histories, personal relations and the temporal notion of time and location.

October 31 - REWILDERMENT: passing through the veil between worlds.

 Artists Sarah Falkner, Shannon Taggart & C. Ryder Cooley will rewild MCLA Gallery 51 for an All Hallows Eve exhibition of collaborative and solo work. Exploring themes of ritual, witchcraft and mediumistic practices, the show will include spirit photography, performance residue, video, drawing and artifacts from the mysterious worlds ofthree inter-disciplinary artists. Shannon Taggart is a photographer from Brooklyn NY, Sarah Falkner is a writer, artist and healer from Hudson NY, Ryder Cooley is an artist,musician and performer based in N. Adams, MA.


 6. Gallery 53

Gallery 53 is now closed.
Thank you to all who visited! 

53 Main St.
Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Exhibitions include: Beehive Collective, Messages From Iran curated by Solly Kh, Atlas Films with work by artist Rich Remsberg, and Great Small Works 

July 25/August 25 – Messages From Iran curated by Solly Kh. Solly Kh is an independent curator based in Teheran, Iran. According to her statement: “These video artists belong to a generation whose childhood was spent on war and violence and who are now living under threat of boycotting and war from foreign countries. Due to these conditions their psyche is full of fairness, depression without any hope to future… Despite of the situation they make effort to send their peaceful massage to all the word.”

August 29/September 26 – Historyland is the exhibition by Emmy Award-winning archival image researcher Rich Remsberg. An exploration of who we are as a country, Remsberg utilizes found objects from the nooks and crannies of flea markets and yard sales.

For more information on Gallery 53, please visit:


7. Branch Gallery

18 Holden St.

Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Exhibitions include: works by Geoffrey Booras & David Kaufmann, Phil’s Hill: exhibiting drawings by Michelle Lauriat, and originals from Matt Philips

July 25/August 25 – Michelle Lauriat presents her series: Spot Pond. Michelle recently graduated in Studio Art from UMass. She lives in Wakefield, MA. Her drawings deal with the irreducibility of place. Our ability to see a place fully is limited by both the mechanics of our eyes, and the intrusion of our mind. Rationally, we have expectations about what will be in a space, and memories of similar places that mingle with our real time perception, never really allowing an unbiased observation.

August 29/ September 22 – works by artist Matt Philips      

Matt Phillips was born in Atlanta, GA in 1979. He received a BFA from Hampshire College and his MFA from Boston University. Phillips has had numerous exhibitions in the United States and internationally. He has had solo shows in both Los Angeles and New York, including his latest show “this, and then” at Steven Harvey Projects (2013).  Recent group exhibitions include “Correspondence I” at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Philadelphia), “The Jam” at Steven Harvey Projects (New York), “The Irreconcilable” at the Spaceship at Ha Yarkon 70 (Tel Aviv), and a survey of small paintings presented at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. Phillips is a Brooklyn-based painter.

For more information on Branch Gallery, please visit:

8. William Oberst Studio

16 Holden Street Visit by appointment. Please call (631) 398-4011

The working studio of realist painter of people and landscapes.

We all have a shared humanity. Should any of my pictures survive for the next three hundred years, I would hope that people in that distant future see, in my art, how we felt about each other in the twenty-first century, and how we felt about being alive. I would also hope that those future viewers recognize something of themselves in my work.” B. Oberst.

  9.  The Transcript Gallery

 85 Main St.
Office of the North Adams Transcript
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Opening June 20th is Daniel Morgan’s “Ramblings of a Mad Shutterbug: A collection of images exclusively from Northern Berkshire County”

The Transcript Gallery, located within the North Adams Transcript office at 85 Main St., will feature the works of three local artists this season, two of which are staff members. Show openings will be held on June 20, Aug. 29 and Oct. 31. In addition to the work displayed in its storefront windows, the public is invited to view artwork located inside the office newsroom, Monday – Friday from 8 to 5.

Featured artists include photographer Daniel Morgan, opening on June 20; Jennifer Huberdeau, opening Aug. 29 and photographer Gillian Jones, opening Oct. 31.

June/July: Opening June 20, Daniel Morgan, Ramblings of a Mad Shutterbug: A collection of images exclusively from Northern Berkshire County.

August/September: Opening Aug. 29, Jennifer Huberdeau, Working Class: Paintings and works on paper inspired by daily life.

10. Gallery 105

                        Gallery 105 is now closed.
                      Thank you to all who visited!

105 Main St.
Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Rotating exhibitions include:

July 25/ August 25 - The Forest of And And And.

Tatiana Klacsmann remains steadfast in the belief that painting is not really dead. Her work consists of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures which uphold her aesthetic appreciation for beauty and precision over efficiency. The Forest of And And And calls into question the separation of beauty and monstrosity. As mythical creatures whose bodies fuse disparate pieces, chimeras represent both unity and division. Mounted directly to the wall, the chimeras are fantastical hybrids which occupy a liminal space between reality and the imagination.

For more information on Gallery 105, please visit:

 11. Gallery 107: CaFE

     107 Main St.

       Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Art About Town specializes in creating opportunities for community involvement in public art-making.

Join us as present work from all the artists involved with North Adams Open Studios.

12. Rudd Art Museum

82 Summer Street

Wed-Sun 12-5 Fall Sat-Sun 12-5


Exhibiting:A Chapel for Humanity

In a historic church, artist Eric Rudd’s massive sculptural epic has been created for both an art experience and private meditation.

Over 150 life-size figures, 250 low-relief ceiling figures, plus a memorial to September 11th.

 13. Adams Community Bank Gallery

31 Eagle St.
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Sat 10am-12pm.

Featuring local and regional artists with exhibitions curated by Christina Stott.

Opening July 25th is Caleb Hiliadis’ “Kaleidoscope of Environments” photographs.

Opening August 29th is Janet Picard’s “Regarding Nature”.

Opening October 31st is Julia Morgan-Leamon’s “Swimming to the Other Side”.

 14. Martha Flood Design Studio & Fabric Gallery

38 Eagle Street Wed-Fri 12-6:30pm, Sat 12-5pm or later

Working space and gallery by local textile artist, Martha Flood. Her designs are often inspired by textures and patterns found in the Berkshire woodland environments. The nontraditional natural images are examples of cutting edge pattern design and advanced digital fabric printing technologies. 2013 Yankee Magazine Best of New England, Editor’s Choice Winner


                  15. Caravan

Caravan 69 is now closed.
Thank you to all who visited!

Gateway Motors – 69 Union St.

July 25 – October 20

Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Since 1972, Japanese-born choreographer/dancers Eiko & Koma have created a unique and riveting theater of movement out of stillness, shape, light and sound. Eiko & Koma dance about what matters to them. Their subjects are elemental; their message pitiless yet humanistic. Both their choreography and stagecraft are characterized by bold, highly theatrical strokes. Eiko & Koma want the vulnerability of their own dancing bodies to invite the audience’s empathy.

Recently on view at MoMA, The Caravan Project involves the installation and utilization of a specially modified trailer which the artists will perform in and around within the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition including DSA Thursday and other events.

The Caravan Project looks at this year’s DownStreet Art theme Beyond Industry by affirming life in the context of the flow of time through artistic expression. Eiko and Koma seek to remind people that technological advances are recent products of human history, industrial structures that form a sense of time and place – once people look beyond this structure, beyond the time span of history, they can identify the place they have in common with other people and other beings. Eiko and Koma alter the relationship between audience and artist to break through the realm of expectations within the art and performance industry by experimenting with modes of presentation; creating a new kind of performance ritual that allows viewers to devise their own rules of engagement.

For more information on Eiko and Koma, please visit:

 16. River Hill Pottery

Eclipse Mill, Studio 102 243 Union Street Sat-Sun 12-5pm

Pottery gallery and working studio of Gail and Phil Sellers.

At River Hill Pottery we have combined our creativity and experience to bring to you some of the most beautiful baskets in clay. Each piece is handmade with care and craftsmanship for you to enjoy. It is our desire for you to have a piece of pottery that will give you a lifetime of joy. The uncommon basket for an extraordinary life.” Phil and Gail Sellers.

 17. Eclipse Mill Gallery

Eclipse Mill, Studio 102 243 Union Street Sat-Sun 12-5pm

This artist-run Eclipse Mill Gallery is located on the first floor of the Eclipse Mill Artist Lofts, one half mile east of MASS MoCA on Route 2. Exhibitions feature artworks by Eclipse Mill resident artists, as well as other artists based in the area.


 18. Brill Gallery

Eclipse Mill, Studio 109 243 Union Street Thurs-Sun 12-6 and by appointment

Museum quality paintings, photography, and sculpture.


 19. Community Art Program at North Adams Regional Hospital

71 Hospital Avenue Always Open

200 works of art by area artists displayed on four floors, curated by Sharon Carson.

20. North Adams Museum of History and Science

Western Gateway Heritage State Park, Building 5A 115 State Street Thurs-Sat 10-4pm, Sun 1-4pm

Celebrate the rich history of North Adams.

21. Visitor Museum at Western Gateway Heritage State Park

Western Gateway Heritage State Park 115 State St
Open Daily 10am-5pm

Imaginative exhibits designed to reveal the impact of the railroad industry and the Hoosac Tunnel project.

 22. Mural Series: Peter Dudek

An ongoing series of architectural cartoons in which different forms of housing represent a world where buildings not only have a consciousness but also the desire and ability to perpetuate.

 23. Primary Separation

Across from MASS MoCA

On view 24 hours

MASS MoCA commissioned work by artist Don Gummer in the plaza outside the T. William Lewis Building on Marshall St. The work, entitled Primary Separation, was first designed by Gummer in 1969, and existed only in maquette form until the installation: this is its first full-scale realization.

 24. ART ABOUT TOWN: Pillars


Underpass RT2 on Marshall Street

Art About Town is an artist- and citizen-based organization that builds community through public art projects.  The mural project is located on the pillars under the Veterans Memorial Bridge on Marshall Street.

Art teacher Christina King along with 9 students from Greylock Elementary School who participated in CAMP -”community art mural project” an after school program brought this project to life.

Interested in the history of North Adams and it’s creative past, images were chosen from the cut and stitch cloth dolls that were printed by Arnold Printworks in the late 1890’s through 1910. Arnold Printworks (1862-1945) was located on the present day site of MASS MoCA and by 1905 was one of the leading producers of printed textiles.

The students learned to replicate, enlarge and transfer the doll images to the columns. Painting is being done with the help of their art teacher Christina King, William Oberst local realist painter and MCLA student, Stephanie Vanbramer. All of the dolls are scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2012.

          25. MURAL: Maya Hayuk


Side of Juvenile Court (facing Rt. 2),

Large, colorful, completely improvised, totally optimistic abstract mural.

   26. MURAL: Melissa Matsuki Lillie

Holden Street corner and Main Street,

An abstract colorful interpretation of the geologic makeup of Main Street and its buildings



27. Bus Stand


Main Street

Permanent Installation on Main Street by Victoria Palermo, which combines the functional with the aesthetic. According to a BRTA patron: “commuters are truly blessed to enjoy such beauty. Thanks to all who made this artful bus stop a reality”. The installation is made possible thanks to Kidspace @ MASS MoCA.





29. MURAL: Muralismo publico



Back of Mohawk Theater


Marta Gil and Estibaliz Vera from Vitoria, Spain are part of a cooperative of mural artists that contributed in naming their city the “painted city”. With this optimistic mural about change, they have shared their talent with all of us during the month of June.













28. Mural: Paint it Big! Paint it Public!

Main St. Alley between Shear Madness Salon and Eagle St. Music.

July 15-19, 10am- 4pm.

A teen mural workshop led by artist Andrew Davis as a program of The Clark. Students create a mural based on Albrecht Dürer’s sixteenth century woodcut, The Rhinoceros.




Mural: Matt McWhirt


Eagle St. Alley Way between Desperados and The Party Place.

A Scenic interpretation of the Berkshire landscape.