DownStreet Art Thursday!

August 25, 5-8pm

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.14.59 PMMonthly Night Market:

Shop a variety of local artists and artisans on Holden Street! A little something for everyone from farm-fresh baked good’s to handmade household items, to works of art.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.12.39 PMDownStreet Voices:

Share your voice, your jokes, your experiences, and your stories by contributing to to our live streamed podcast!

Jason Velázquez, editor of Greylock Glass describes the podcast booth as an artistic experiment that makes him a little nervous. “Anything that pushes the boundaries of public expression out significantly should make one nervous. That’s how you know you’re on to something.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.21.42 PMMortal Beasts and Dieties:

These super fun stilt walkers will be patrolling the streets and interacting with participants. You may remember them from previous DownStreet Art events!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.25.13 PMChalk Art:

Who doesn’t love adding temporary beauty to the streets? Grab a piece of chalk from our community chalk bucket and transform the streets into works of art! Our pavement is your canvas.


In the Galleries


Melanie Mowinski, Wayfinding
MCLA Gallery 51, 51 Main St.
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View Melanie Mowinski‘s extended show “Wayfinding” at Gallery 51. In her words: “Wayfinding is about trusting the way and understanding the many paths to get to the same destination literally and figuratively. Some are direct others are tranquil. Some avoid obstacles. And others are just variety and keep your mind alert for new things. I define this as cultivating a wilderness state of mind.”

akimbo. 300.1000 (1)
Polyvalent Spaces
Kathline Carr and Donna Cleary

exPRESS Gallery, 49 Main St.

The title of this exhibition is taken from Michel de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life, where he writes “It is polyvalent because the mixing together of so many micro-stories gives them functions that change according to the groups in which they circulate.”

At first glance the pairing of Donna Cleary’s reimagined fetish objects and fertility statuary with Kathline Carr’s richly textured drawings and paintings may appear to have little in common. However, the work of each artist suggests a narrative interpretation, and invites the viewer to create associations and micro-stories.

SwallThe dialectical relationship between art and inhabited space, between embodied and embedded knowledge, and the tension between the familiar and the strange are all prevalent in the work included in this exhibition. Polyvalent Spaces grounds this relational exploration into the place where it was created – North Adams, MA – but invites a multiplicity of associations as you weave together the threads of the exhibition.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.07.51 PMRobert Markey

Adams Community Bank, 31 Eagle St.

Robert Markey, of Ashfield, is a local artist who has worked in many media over the years including painting, sculpture, installation, video and mosaics.  He has done public art projects in cities around the country including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston and Minneapolis.   His first video was aired on PBS, and he received national media coverage for his public performance work on domestic violence.  He has created mosaic murals in Brazil, Chile, Cambodia, Mexico, Sri Lanka  and the U.S.  For the past several years he has traveled to Asia and Brazil to work with youth in vulnerable situations to do mosaic murals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.09.46 PMKent Mikalsen

MountainOne Bank, 93 Main St

Kent Mikalsen’s interest in contemporary and traditional Asian art has influenced his strong graphic style. However, in this recent series of paintings, employing a softer approach, he combines wet on wet watercolor techniques with intricate calligraphic brushwork to suggest limitless space. These dynamic images are meditations on the nature of physical reality, challenging us to see a separate reality that is more vast than the one we perceive through our senses.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.59.23 PMBen Mancino, Welcome to the Berkshires

Holiday Inn, 40 Main St.

An exhibition of photos by award winning photographer Ben Mancino. “Welcome to the Berkshires” series gives viewers an insight into the most beautiful locations the Berkshires has to offer. Mancino’s unparalleled vision of photography is portrayed through the exclusive use of natural lighting and regional landscapes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.53.25 PMPaul Chojnowski, Infrastructure Series Bright Ideas Brewing, 111 MASS MoCA Way

Stop in for a beer and see more art.

The newly opened Bright Ideas Brewing on the MASS MoCA campus will be host to Paul Chojnowski’s Infrastructure Series for the entirety of the DownStreet Art season.

Berkshire artist Paul Chojnowski creates drawings in a non-traditional way. He “draws” by scorching, sanding, and torching large pieces of plywood to create realistic works of art. Also on display are newer works in the series, which are smaller and created by manipulating water colored paper instead of wood, then suspending that paper from custom made mahogany boxes which are illuminated from behind by LED lights creating an image suggestive of stained glass.

Exposed: Heads, Busts, and Nudes

Group show of ceramic figural sculpture by masters from 1970–present
Ferrin Contemporary, 1315 MASS MoCA Way
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This group of noted American and British sculptors explores themes that range from social realism to otherworldly surrealism to abstraction of form. The overview illustrates how early practitioners in California’s Bay Area during in the 1960s and 1970s, such as Robert Arneson, Viola Frey, and Stephen De Staebler, continue to inspire artists today. Known for their use of clay in combination with painted glaze surfaces, these artists challenge presumptions and their work defies easy categorization as sculpture, decorative arts, or studio craft.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.35.44 PMAlso on view: Ferrin Contemporary is previewing work from their upcoming exhibition, “Know Justice,” which showcases “The Presidential Table,” featuring commemorative tableware belonging to all 44 presidents, and a blank place. “Know Justice” opens Sept. 10 and runs through the election period.

Lionel Smit

1315 MASS
MoCA Way
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Smit’s interest in the themes of duality arose organically. He writes: “I wanted to merge the idea of the abstract and the naturalistic form. I love Rorschach images, and so I started doing drawings that incorporated two faces, identical but with different attitudes. It seemed to capture the whole idea of peering into the psyche, of seeing in a different way who we are. My work is very involved with identity and, in the past few years, I predominantly started working with the faces of the Cape Malayan woman, a culture of people that evolved through Colonialism. The image of the double head also has a relationship to Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, that of looking into the future while simultaneously looking into the past.”


Creative Business Incubators

The Creative Incubator spaces are a new DownStreet Art initiative aimed to give artist entrepreneurs, a place to grow their creative businesses in a supported and inviting way. With the help of DownStreet Art, Creative Incubator spaces have been implemented in four formerly empty storefronts in downtown North Adams. Spaces range from working studios to gallery and performance venues.

unbeknownOutside – 10 Ashland St

Directed by Mandy Johnson and James Jarzyniecki

Opening August 25: ‘Unbeknown’ – A solo exhibition by Yoko Naito


A reception with the artist will be held Saturday, August 27th 2016, 4 – 6pm

Yoko Naito culminated 6 years of work in New York City with the series Unbeknown. The collection of photographs captures the vacant winter shores of the city and explores outward changes in the environment, the human condition and their artifacts. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions within the United States, Europe and Japan, most recently at Sony Imaging Gallery in Tokyo. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.


Thin Walls Studio & Gallery –  87 Main St

This studio and workshop features the artwork of artist and visiting MCLA professor Joshua Ostraff who is working on a series of paintings and prints that examine what it means to be selfless, and to share with those around you. For DownStreet Art Thursday, Thin Walls Studio & Workshop invites the public to join artist Josh Ostraff to screen-print tuna which will be incorporated into an exhibition at MCLA Gallery 51 in January, 2017.

Butterfly Effect- 85 Main St

Collaborated on by three Elementary Visual Art teachers – Christina KingCheryl Wildermuth, and Julianne Jock.

Those who can do…….and share through education. Cheryl Wildermuth’s pastel landscapes, Julie Jock’s humorous illustrations as well as her new ” selfie series”and Christina King’s abstract oil paintings expose some of the diversity that is brought to the Visual Arts Department of North AdamsPublic Schools.


Common Folk– 33 Main St
Together we, inspire creativity, strengthen our artistry, and encourage each other to positively contribute to our community.

On View: “To Bless the Space Between Us”

Common Folk Artist Collective is host to many public events in North Adams. From comedy nights, kids dance nights, movie and game nights, hosting Marafanyi Meets the Mural and various musical performances, it’s safe to say something is always happening there!

Not to be missed…

Makers Mill – 73 Main St.

Join Makers Mill for an Open Studio. We will be opening our doors for Downstreet Art 2016! Stop in for a tour of the space, to see what our members are creating, and to learn more about our growing Makers’ Mill community!

After Parties!

ank_35mm_HR-2DownStreet Art and Common Folk present: And The Kids 
Elks Lodge – 100 Eagle St
$10 – tickets here
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#getdown and dance the night away! The party continues with an afterparty co-sponsored by Common Folk and Downstreet Art at Elks Lodge.

Tickets are just $10 for this all-ages show.

Western MA’s very own And The Kids will bring their high energy show to North Adams as they channel existential crises into pop euphoria. With this sleight of hand, the quartet manages to conjure chunky indie rock, blissful new wave, chamber folk, jarring avant-garde, and brawny classic rock.

Growing up, often the safest haven to plot your dreams and get a handle on your identity is within the confines of trusted friendships. For the musicians in the critically acclaimed band And The Kids, these bonds have been a life raft. But as friendships evolve from adolescence to young adulthood, sometimes the lines between friends, lovers and all that comes in between can grow murky. On the Northampton, MA-based band’s latest, Friends Share Lovers (out June 3rd on Signature Sounds), And The Kids examines blurred boundaries in close-knit relationships.
The Chalet
MASS MoCA Chalet, 1040 MASS MoCA Way
Free, bring money for beer
7 PM
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Sounds and Tones presents Mike Vogt of Izzy Heltai and Secret Creature, Dan O’Connell of Flannel Dan and the Panhandle Band, and Francesca Shanks