At this point, everybody knows that Pokemon Go is the new latest craze amongst children and adults alike. However, what you may not know is just how special of a place North Adams is for Pokemon Go players. “Pokestops”, places where you can collect supplies, and Pokemon Gyms, where you battle other trainers Pokemon, are generally located at points of public interest; i.e Public Art, Libraries, Museums, and Churches.

Well, lucky for North Adams, we are a cultural hub for museums and public art! Now you may be wondering “How does DownStreet Art come in to play?” Tons of Pokestops are located at murals that DownStreet Art has commissioned! (You’re welcome!)

DownStreet Art’s murals, paired with MASS MoCA and their outdoor installations makes for Pokestop central! (Not to mention that we are also the city of 1,000 churches, but we won’t get into that now)

To make your Pokemon hunting ventures a little easier and more well informed, we have compiled a list of all the art-based Pokestops and Gyms in downtown North Adams. So grab a buddy, or go alone, and take a walk around North Adams to open your eyes to some art that you may have never seen before..while collecting supplies and catching Pokemon of course.

  • That’s Gneiss” mural on Holden St by Melissa Matsuki Lillie, Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.42.41 PMcommissioned by DownStreet Art. This Mural is inspired by the microscopic and macroscopic views of geological formations found in the metamorphic rocks that made up many of the buildings in downtown North Adams.
  • Abstract mural on Center Street by Maya Huyak, commissioned by Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.42.33 PMDownStreet Art. This mural is Large, colorful, completely improvised.
  • Paint It Public! mural, located in an alley off Main St. This mural is a product of a teen mural workshop led by artist Andrew Davis as a program of The Clark, and DownStreet Art. Students created the mural based on Albrecht Durer’s sixteenth century woodcut, The Rhinoceros.
  • untitled” mural, located behind the Mohawk Theatre, was the first mural Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.42.22 PMcommissioned by DownStreet Art in 2012. Artists Marta Gil and Estibaliz Vera of cooperative Muralism Publico based in Vitoria, Spain, contributed to this optimistic mural about change.  
  • The “Pillars of Art”, a project created by Art About Town, are located on both sides of the street under the Rt. 2 overpass. These images depict animals, and factory workers. Art About Town is an artist and Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.43.05 PMcitizen based organization that builds community through public art projects. Images for the pillars were chosen from the cut and stitch cloth dolls that were printed by Arnold Printworks, which is now MASS MoCA.
  • North Adams Mural” by artist Matt McWhirt, is located on Eagle St in the alley next to Desperados. It is a scenic interpretation of Berkshire landscapes.Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.43.14 PM
  • Berkshire Artist Museum, open seasonally, is located at the top of Main St. The museum displays the work of Eric Rudd along with other select artists.
  • Mohawk Theater, a Pokemon Gym, and once beloved historic theater, is currently in major need of some TLC. Since the theater closed in the mid 1980’s, efforts to restore it to its’ former glory have been underway.
  • MASS MoCA – With vast galleries and a stunning collection of indoor and outdoor performing arts venues, MASS MoCA is able to embrace all forms of art: music, sculpture, dance, film, painting, photography, theater, and new boundary-crossing works of art that defy easy classification.
  • Les Pommes D’Adam, a sculpture series by Franz West, takes its inspiration from a distinct part of a male’s profile, the Adams’ Apple. The enormous sculptures are currently on loan from the Hall Art Foundation and can be viewed as part of MASS MoCA’s outdoor exhibits.
  • All Utopias Fell, by Michael Oatman, is an interactive installation part MASS MoCA’s seasonal outdoor exhibits. The installation resembles a full metal subway car that views can enter after climbing up through the Boiler House.
  • Mirror Pillar” is a smaller version of Hub Cap Haven, located next to the Hoosac River as part of MASS MoCA’s outdoor exhibits.
  • Primary Separation”, by Don Gummer, is an installation located right outside of MASS MoCA, as well as a Pokemon Gym. The installation Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.42.59 PMdepicts a large suspended rock that is cut in half with a separation in between the halves. The stone could be rising, falling, separating or re-joining, depending on how you interpret it. The thin margin between the two parts is charged with a powerful force, and it is not clear whether the force is repellent or attractive.
  • Crow Mosaic” is a mosaic of a crow on River St next to The Porches. The artist of this mosaic remains unknown.