DSA Thursday – Closing Celebration

#getdown one last time in 2016


Social Media Scavanger Hunt: downtown North Adams | 5 – 8 pm

Check in a28021251475_40bd26df10_zt the DownStreet Art table on Holden Street to pick up your scavenger hunt clues, instagram or Facebook your final results  (#DownStreetArt) and be entered to win a prize at  the end of the night.



Ghana Think Tank: Holden Street | 5-8 pm

 GTTWCMA and Ghana ThinkTank are turning the tables to confront climate change.

Ghana ThinkTank is an international collective that “develops the first world” by flipping conventional power dynamics. The artists collect problems in communities in the US and Europe, and send them to citizen think tanks in “developing” countries to generate solutions. What follows is a range of interventions and exchanges that reveal blind spots, challenge cultural assumptions, and turn the idea of expertise on its head.

At Williams, Ghana ThinkTank will collaborate with our community in a year-long examination of climate change. This fall, an “action team” of Williams students will operate a mobile unit to gather community members’ responses to a single question: How does Climate Change affect YOU? The artists will then send the responses to two think tanks in Morocco and Indonesia. An installation in WCMA’s rotunda will follow in the spring along with the implementation of the solutions generated by the think tanks.

Follow the project at: wcma.williams.edu/ghanathinktank/

DownStreet Voices – A pop-up Sound Studio: Holden Street | 5 – 8 pm


Contribute your story as we live stream from DownStreet Art

A collaboration between Greylock Glass & DownStreet Art.

Jason Velázquez, editor of Greylock Glass, describes the project as an artistic experiment that makes him a little nervous. “Anything that pushes the boundaries of public expression out significantly should make one nervous. That’s how you know you’re on to something.”

The public is invited to take a turn in the booth, tell a joke, share a story, answer a question, tell us about your favorite work of art. It’s free and a free for all!

Marafanyi Meets the Mural: Center Street | 6 pm


Culminating Share

Marafanyi Drum, Dance & Song along with members of the community have created a collaborative music/dance/spoken work interpretation of Alaa Awad’s Mural Justice created for DSA in 2014.

The share will take place in front of the mural on Center Street at 6pm 

Community Zentangle –  85 Main St. | 5:30-7:30 pm

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.29.30 PMThe Zentangle Method is an             easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over this world across a wide range of skills, interests and ages.

Contribute to this project and stop into Gallery 85 to see artwork by local artist-teachers: Christina King, Cheryl Wildermuth, and Julianne Jock.

Screen printing –  Thin Walls Studio | 87 Main St. | 5 – 8 pm

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.58.45 PMJoshua Ostraff invites the public to contribute to “Ofa Atu” a collaborative silkscreening project at 87 Main Street. Telling the Tongan story of calling the Tuna or Atu. The public is invited to silkscreen their own tuna or decorate a previously printed tuna. These prints will become part of his upcoming exhibition at MCLA Gallery 51 in 2017.


In the Galleries

Cynthia-Reeves | 1315 MASS MoCA Way | 5-7 pm

IceForestReeves_746Beth Galston a conceptual artist based in Boston, is exhibiting site-based installations and original works on paper, September 29 – November 13.

For her projects, Galston collects, preserves, and transforms twigs, thorns, acorns, seedpods, a process that is the catalyst for her current sculptural series, Recasting Nature. The word “recast” means, “to cast again or anew,” and for Galston, this means creating works that are moments of magic and transformation. She writes: “I don’t know the final form when I start; it develops through a process of improvisation. I spend a lot of time getting comfortable with materials. A cast resin rose stem was suspended in my studio for a year until I finally envisioned how to use it to create Ice Forest. Casting in resin alters the stem and makes it magical.”

Ferrin Contemporary | 1315 MASS MoCA Way | 5-7 pm

RothshankPresTableObama600pxKNOW JUSTICE  a two-person show by Justin and Brooke Rothshank focusing on American politics, the Supreme Court, and presidential history. Brooke’s miniature watercolor portraits are complemented by Justin’s decal-printed tableware.

“This show is about the conversation. What we make is simple and functional. We value good craftsmanship and knowledge. Our pots and paintings are influenced by our own research, and also by the framework in which we live. They are distinctly American, but shaped by our awareness of a larger world view.” – Justin and Brooke Rothshank

Common Folk Gallery – 33 Main St. | 5 – 7pm

14355584_1432373733445024_9134520630699104708_nTo Bless the Space Between Us” is now on view in a new configuration!
Come share and experience vivid, inspired and moving expressions of Recovery and Addiction.




exPRESS – 49 Main St. | 5 – 7 pm

MCLA Student Exhibition

Now that school is back in session, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the last DSA of the Season than an exhibition of MCLA student work at exPRESS (49 Main Street) introducing these budding artists to the larger creative culture of our small city.


MCLA Gallery 51 | 51 Main St. | 5 – 8 pm

Skyline3Everything I Never Told You: Secrets Too Beautiful To Keep – Shelley Chamberlin & Michelle DalyRe-Imagine Landscape

Exploring the intersectionalities common to their artistic practices and           themes of vulnerability, intimacy, relationality, nostalgia, memory, disruption, determination, absurdist humor, and hope. The exhibition will    include installation, drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, and      interdisciplinary works.



Holiday Inn Gallery – 40 Main St. | 5 – 7 pm

Buick4Rick Kent started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil and has been doing it ever since. He looks for pleasing arrangements in the things he sees around him when traveling, and has so far focused on classic cars, cemetery and public statues, beautiful landscapes,and things in nature such as animals and flowers. 


Adams Community Bank | on view during bank hours

Keith_Emerling-Emerling_Irises_190Flower Portraits – Keith Emerling

“We refer to some people to as beautiful flowers and through the course of these paintings I’ve come to see similarities between the translucent, delicate surface of flower petals and that of the human skin. To create in paint, the transparency of the glass vases, the almost pure pigment strength of the flowers, the unique green colors of the leaves and the many curves of each petal, was a unique and valuable experience. Like Summer, these paintings imbue a bright fascination of putting paint to canvas or, in this case, linen. A joy I find almost as remarkable as the flowers themselves.”  – Keith Emerling

MountainOne Bank Gallery | 93 Main St. | 4 – 5 pm

Wildflowers: Artists of CATA.

CATA provides visual and performing arts workshops to 600 people with disabilities across Berkshire County. This exhibit is a part of CATA’s Art on Tour program, where original works of art created by CATA artists travels throughout the year to museums, galleries, community centers, and other venues in Berkshire County.


13668007_1393516040664127_8174003754814566964_oOpen Mic – (5-8 PM)

Lend your voices to DownStreet Art!

Bring your guitar, ukulele, trombone, poetry, storytelling, barbershop quartet, xylophone (well you get the idea) down to the Berkshire Bank Stage and share your talent with North Adams.

Please limit your performance to 5 minutes so everyone can take a turn at the mic.



Commonfolk Presents After Party with The Coteries & Luke Tobin

exPRESS | 49 Main St. | $5 get your tickets at the door

thecoteriesThe Coteries and Luke Tobin – Come share a special late evening performance with The Coteries and Luke Tobin in celebration of a beautiful creative summer. If you didn’t check out The Coteries last summer, here is your chance!


The Coteries

If the road can teach you anything, it is the difference between what you need and what you don’t. Born out of the midst of an 11,000 mile North American road trip, The Coteries bring you Folk Rock music steeped in their travels and the back roads of the American countryside.

Luke Tobin is a singer-songwriter from Swampscott, MA and student of Mass College of Liberal Arts. Be prepared to have your heart melt, folks, this guy’s got a voice and some serious skills on the guitar.