Jarvis Rockwell

Wall Drawings

CONcourse Gallery

Opening August 28


Jarvis Rockwell is the eldest son of famed illustrator Norman Rockwell. He is an artist as well as a collector of toys, knick knacks, googley eyes and other intricate objects. Known for his large-scale toy installations and wall drawings, Rockwell will be creating two 3-dimensional wall drawings that will debut as part of DownStreet Art Thursday 8/28 outside CONcourse Gallery at 85 Main Street.

His installations include hand drawn illustrations and miniature toy figures. His work is an exploration of life after death, “What happens to our soul? Where does it go and what does it do,” asks Rockwell. He believes that the human body is simply a shell that holds our inner spirit. His wall drawings are his interpretation of a place between earth and heaven when we die – a transitional space where our souls are floating up to a grander reality.

Rockwell uses miniature figurines as “smaller distortions” of human beings. He juxtaposes three dimensional sculptures with two dimensional drawings to present a realm that is in-between reality and fantasy. Rockwell explains, “Death is the sloughing off of the three dimensional.” By doing so, he hopes to provoke his viewer to question themselves about the place their souls will go after they depart.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/jarvis.rockwell.maya