harringtonRichard Harrington


Opening Reception July 30, 6-9pm

Artist Talk, August 21 & 22, 8pm

FINITE INFINITY, a sculpture and light installation by Richard Harrington.

For the brief few seconds or minutes that we look at optical illusions and try to sort them out, we are alone, except for the seeming infinity of our finite sense of sight.  

Richard Harrington’s FINITE INFINITY is a collection of his geometric sculptures illuminated by different beams of light. These consist of complex forms, which, constructed from wire mesh, are semi-transparent and can interact in a fascinating way with light projected through them.


Joanna Gabler

Our River
C Gallery | 33 Main Street
Opening Reception July 30, 6-9pm

Joanna Gabler is a North Adams artist, who has worked in a variety of media, including pastel, watercolor, stained glass, and photography. In late nineties she focused on oils, producing a series of large flower portraits and abstract meditations, which proceeded from her interest in philosophy, which she once taught in her native Poland. Today, she continues to work in oil on canvas as well as what she calls “Transcapes,” spiritual constructions of the essence of observed reality drawn from digital photographs of nature and architecture—in this case, the watershed of Hoosic River, because some of the images on exhibition are inspired by the Hoosic River tributary Broad Brook. Our River pairs Gabler’s “Transcapes” with past, present and potential future images compiled by Hoosic River Revival president Judith Grinnell.