Paper Dresses

PRESS Gallery

Opening September 25


Throughout the summer, the twelve “Paper Dresses” artists have been experimenting and creating work at PRESS that explores the tension between freedom and confinement within the dress form. Each artist made an edition of origami paper dresses that reflect elements of a larger wearable paper dress made specifically for this exhibit and/or a two-dimensional work.

PRESS Gallery Chief Melanie Mowinski initiated this collaboration. She was inspired by Nicholas D. Kristof’s upcoming visit to MCLA and his book, “Half the Sky,” co-written with his wife Sheryl WuDunn. “Half the Sky” chronicles Kristof and WuDunn’s encounters with extraordinary women all over the world and their struggles with the many injustices that women endure in the modern world.

Mowinski states, “Women walk the line between freedom and confinement every day, in their jobs, their home life, their choices …. Each Paper Dresses artist explores their own path and journey as a woman. Whether it is discovering motherhood, letting go of the past, or looking towards the future, these artists created something that reflects what it means to be a woman today.”

Participating artists include Karen Arp-Sandel, Suzi Banks Baum, Kate Barber, Valerie Carrigan, Adrienne Gale, Anne-Maree Hunter, Melanie Mowinski, Tara O’Brien, Tammi Lee Oak, Diane Sullivan, Erin Sweeney, and Yudelka Tavera. Each dress includes elements of typography and paper.

The opening reception will feature visual and performance elements. The artists have created two- and three-dimensional pieces, and MCLA Assistant Professor of Theatre Laura Standley advised and directed a performance piece in response to the exhibition.

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