New! MURAL: Alaa Awad


Route 2 Overpass, Center Street between Marshall & Holden Streets

“Justice” : Alaa Awad is an Egyptian painter and muralist who engages ancient Egyptian motifs to describe contemporary political and social realities. His work is colorful, readable and often tells a story. While of Egyptian origin, Awad’s characters tell very human stories about the struggle for social injustice, accountability and balance.

New! MURAL: Corwin Levi


Route 2 Overpass, St. Anthony’s Parking Lot, facing MASS MoCA

“Circumnavigate Through” : “The void is a personal space to each of us where our creativity and power exists and from which we can see, in moment, the wonders of which we are capable.”

An award winning muralist currently in residency at Willapa Bay in Oysterville, WA, Corwin Levi is a multi-media artist working in video, sculpture and painting.

New! INSTALLATION: Jarvis Rockwell


CONcourse Gallery at 85 Main Street

Jarvis Rockwell is the son of famed illustrator Norman Rockwell and is a local North Adams resident. He began collecting action figures in 1979 and since then his collection has grown by hundreds- and sometimes thousands- of pieces per year. After a decade of collecting, Rockwell began to create small groupings, articulating the relationships he saw between figures and arranging his tableaux in Plexiglas boxes.

“Wall Drawings” include miniature toy figures as well as hand drawn illustrations. Rockwell uses miniature figurines as “smaller distortions” of human beings. He juxtaposes three-dimensional sculptures with two-dimensional drawings to create a realm that is in-between reality and fantasy – his interpretation of a transitional between life and death.

He explained, “Death is the sloughing off of the three dimensional.” Rockwell hopes to provoke his viewers to question the place where our souls go after death.

New! INSTALLATION: Michael Chapman


109 Main Street

“FGBS” : Michael Chapman describes”A vignette wherein Crocheter Le Clown returns from his travels to his beloved home The Freemans Grove Benevolent Society… there he finds a coup has ensued!  Dear Deer has discovered the evils of the bar and Rock & Roll.  Macrame Goat has taken up residence… but his real problems have yet to begin as his slithering Nemesis has found his way in…


New! WINDOW INSTALLATION: Berkshire Eagle Gallery


85 Main Street Windows

September 25: Monster by Amy Brassard

“Monster, is an exhibit in which we take a look at what we define the word monster as,” Brassard said. “I will be displaying a variety of pieces of artwork in which a monster is depicted. There will also be an interactive part to this exhibit during the show opening in which I ask the viewers to answer the following question: When I say to you ‘monster’ what do you think of?”

Mural Series: Peter Dudek

10 images throughout the town of North Adams

An ongoing series of architectural cartoons in which different forms of housing represent a world where buildings not only have a consciousness but also the desire and ability to perpetuate.

MURAL: Maya Huyak


Side of Juvenile Court on Center Street (facing Route 2)

Large, colorful, completely improvised, totally optimistic abstract mural.

MURAL: Melissa Matsuki Lillie


Holden Street Corner and Main Street

An abstract colorful interpretation of the geologic makeup of Main Street and its buildings.


MURAL: Muralismo Publico


Back of Mohawk Theater

Marta Gil and Estibaliz Vera from Vitoria, Spain are part of a cooperative of mural artists that contributed in naming their city the “painted city”. With this optimistic mural about change, they have shared their talent with all of us during the month of June.

MURAL: Paint It Big! Paint It Public!


Main St. Alley between Shear Madness Salon and Eagle St. Music

A teen mural workshop led by artist Andrew Davis as a program of The Clark. Students create a mural based on Albrecht Dürer’s sixteenth century woodcut, The Rhinoceros.


Primary Separation


Across from MASS MoCA

On view 24 hours

MASS MoCA commissioned work by artist Don Gummer in the plaza outside the T. William Lewis Building on Marshall St. The work, entitled Primary Separation, was first designed by Gummer in 1969, and existed only in maquette form until the installation: this is its first full-scale realization.



Underpass Route 2 on Marshall Street

Art About Town is an artist- and citizen-based organization that builds community through public art projects.  The mural project is located on the pillars under the Veterans Memorial Bridge on Marshall Street.

Art teacher Christina King along with 9 students from Greylock Elementary School who participated in CAMP -”community art mural project” an after school program brought this project to life.

Interested in the history of North Adams and it’s creative past, images were chosen from the cut and stitch cloth dolls that were printed by Arnold Printworks in the late 1890’s through 1910. Arnold Printworks (1862-1945) was located on the present day site of MASS MoCA and by 1905 was one of the leading producers of printed textiles.

The students learned to replicate, enlarge and transfer the doll images to the columns. Painting is being done with the help of their art teacher Christina King, William Oberst local realist painter and MCLA student, Stephanie Vanbramer. All of the dolls are scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2012.

MURAL: Matt McWhirt


Eagle St. Alley Way between Desperados and The Party Place

A Scenic interpretation of the Berkshire landscape.

Bus Stand

Main Street

Permanent Installation on Main Street by Victoria Palermo, which combines the functional with the aesthetic. According to a BRTA patron: “commuters are truly blessed to enjoy such beauty. Thanks to all who made this artful bus stop a reality”. The installation is made possible thanks to Kidspace @ MASS MoCA.