1040 MASS MoCA Way                           Open Wednesday through Monday, 11am-5pm

MASS MoCA seeks to catalyze and support the creation of new art, expose our visitors to bold visual and performing art in all stages of production, and re-invigorate the life of a region in socioeconomic need. MASS MoCA exhibits works by many of the most important artists of today -both well known, and emerging- focusing on large-scale and complex installations that are impossible to realize in conventional museums.

Gallery admission is $18 for adults, $12 for students, $8 for children 6–16, and free for children 5 and under. Members are admitted free year-round. For additional information, call 413-662-2111 or visit

Currently on View: Nick Cave: Until, Sarah Crowner: Beetle in the Leaves; Chris Domenick: 5 0 D A Y S; Explode Every Day: An Inquiry Into the Phenomena of Wonder;  Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Exhibition; Julianne Swartz: In Harmonicity, the Tonal Walkway; Barbara Takenaga: Nebraska, and Anselm Keifer, which is on view seasonally.

Kidspace @ MASS MoCA

1040 MASS MoCA Way
Open Wednesday through Monday, 11am-5pm

Kidspace is a child-centered gallery and studio space within MASS MoCA. Hands-on, educational activities allow children to connect with the space’s current exhibition through their own creative work.

Currently on View: Here Comes the Sun

Colombian-born, Miami-based artist Federico Uribe repurposes unlikely, provocative materials into compelling animal sculptures. Colorful shotgun casings and golden varying caliber bullets are brought together to form a lion, for example; leather sneakers are arranged into a leaping puma, and an army helmet becomes a turtle’s shell. In an interview, Uribe underlines the irony inherent in his choice of materials: “People kill animals to make shoes; I make animals out of shoes.” The result of Uribe’s distinct approach is a joyful, yet challenging experience for viewers of all ages.

Independent Art Projects

1315 MASS MoCA Way
Open daily, 11am-5pm

FERRIN CONTEMPORARY and CYNTHIA-REEVES share a 2,500-square-foot space on the MASS MoCA campus, exhibiting work by mid-career and established contemporary artists working in diverse media. Independent Art Projects (IAP) is their collaborative forum for developing projects that supplement the galleries’ rich curatorial programming.

RothshankPresTableObama600px-225x300FERRIN CONTEMPORARY

FERRIN CONTEMPORARY exhibits contemporary art by mid-career and established ceramicists. In addition to being a gallery, it serves as a project incubator space.





Currently closed for renovations

CYNTHIA-REEVES is renovating its gallery on the campus of the MASS MoCA during the month of February, to create a larger space for new initiatives around project-based work. The gallery program has long embraced the idea of site-based art installations, overseeing large-scale, permanent works for companies and academic institutions worldwide.

MCLA Gallery 51

51 Main Street
Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm; Sunday, 12-4pm

MCLA Gallery 51 primarily exhibits work by emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. It is a program of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts’ Berkshire Cultural Resource Center.

Currently on View: Ofa Atu

January 26 – February 19

Ofa Atu is both a solo exhibition and a public art project. The exhibition combines a series of the artist’s paintings with screen prints produced by members of the local community during a DownStreet Art project Ostraff ran throughout the summer of 2016.

“I was a teenager living on a small island in Tonga when a man named Hiko called hundreds of tuna to him. Before I met Hiko there was a fierce hurricane that wiped out his village’s food. Hiko one night had a dream and visit from the youngest son of the first Tui Tonga. He taught him how to call the ‘Atu (skipjack tuna) to him to feed his people. There were rules they would need to follow and if broken then he would not be able to call the fish again until the people had changed their hearts. For 21 years Hiko was able to call to the ‘Atu and the people in his village followed the rules. Then one day Hiko went out and called the fish, people took more than they needed and sold them, they broke the rules, and I was there. As a result Hiko said it would be a long time before he could call the fish again. I was recently reminded of this event through the work my brother Zac did on this story for his MFA thesis in creative writing. After reflection I saw places in my life where parallels exist and though I don’t live near the ocean I see the equivalent of the ‘Atu all around.” – Josh Ostraff

Martha Flood Design Studio & Fabric Gallery

38 Eagle Street
Open Wednesday through Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

Working space and gallery by local artist Martha Flood who designs and produces The Woodlands Collection, custom manufactured fabrics inspired by natural textures and patterns we encounter in the New England landscape. The nontraditional images are examples of cutting edge pattern design and advanced digital fabric printing technologies. 2013 Yankee Magazine Best of New England, Editor’s Choice Winner.

Eclipse Mill Gallery

243 Union St. Studio 102
Open Friday through Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment

The Eclipse Mill live/work community consists of a wide range of artists and artisans, currently including painters, writers, potters, photographers, fiber artists, musicians, educators, a bookseller, a conservator, a light designer, and creators of various other disciplines. The building is much more than a renovated textile mill with studio space. It is a vital group of creative individuals working independently and collectively to make a live/work space that fits the needs of all. Though the Eclipse Mill Gallery often exhibits work by residents, it has also featured guest artists from near and far.

River Hill Pottery

243 Union St. Studio 104
Open Thursday through Sunday, 12-6pm or by apppointment

“At River Hill Pottery we have combined our creativity and experience to bring to you some of the most beautiful baskets in clay. Each piece is handmade with care and craftsmanship for you to enjoy. It is our desire for you to have a piece of pottery that will give you a lifetime of joy. The uncommon basket for an extraordinary life.” – Gail and Phil Sellers

BAM exterior photo

Berkshire Art Museum

159 E. Main St.
Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12-5pm


Visitor Museum at Western Gateway Heritage State Park

Western Gateway Heritage State Park 115 State Street, Building 4
Open daily, 9:30am-4:30pm


North Adams Museum of History and Science

Western Gateway Heritage State Park, 115 State Street, Building 5A
Open Saturday, 10am-4pm; Sunday, 1-4 pm

The North Adams Museum of History and Science is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting North Adams’ colorful past. Exhibitions primarily focus on local history. The museum also features opportunities to engage with science, such as an interactive model of the solar system. Admission is free.